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05 Apr 2014- Miami Riverday Festival
Historic Presentations at Loomis Park
Miami, FL

05 Apr 2014 - Active Seniors on the Key
Santa Marta Island Remembrance
Key Biscayne, FL

04 May 2014 - Naples Depot Museum
The Birth of Fashion
An eye-opening presentation about History, Sex & Fabrics​
Naples, FL

We offer the very best in historical re-enactments, programmed lectures and presentations for schools (from elementary to higher, colleges included), civic organizations, museums and libraries. We consult filmmakers on accuracy of historical events as well as costumes and character portrayals.  We specialize in a hands-on experience to stimulate your senses and your learning power. Reach back in history and get in touch with us.
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The unveiling of artist Mitch Kolbe's great work, "500 Years to Reflect", took place at the Thomas Center Gallery in Gainesville, Florida, on Friday 29 March 2013.  The oil on canvas painting featured a water reflected Carlos Bicho as Ponce de Leon by the shore of a spring where the boot of the explorer can be seen.  The interplay of colors and the different depths of water depicted speak volumes for Mitch's admirable talent, not to mention the ingenious interpretation of the theme.
The Birth of Fashion
At the Naples Depot Museum
500 Years to Reflect
                                            Happy 25th Anniversary
                                                     Old Florida Festival